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SAMiRNA is a modular, no-formulation micellar conjugate RNAi that enables delivery to organs beyond the liver. Around 80 nm in size and neutral in charge, SAMiRNA has excellent stability, meaning it can be delivered through versatile routes of administration



Intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC) administration delivers via Enhanced Permeability & Retention (EPR) mechanism to inflamed, fibrotic tissues and some solid tumors. This enables organ-agnostic tropism, meaning a single therapy could address various diseases across different organs and cell types.

Chest x-ray of a patient showing primary lung cancer in both right and left lobe of lung.


Inhalation delivery of SAMiRNA penetrates the mucosal layers to achieve effective dose-dependent knockdown in the deep lung thanks to the micelle's neutral charge and high solubility. Our lung platform overcomes previous challenges of delivering RNAi safely and easily (via inhalation) to the entire lung, even to distal alveoli.

Skin showing hair follicles and sebaceous glands - Microscopic anatomy.jpg


Topical delivery of SAMiRNA enable development of RNAi-based treatments that are safe, effective, and easy to administer for certain dermatological conditions, as demonstrated in recent cosmeceutical studies. See below list of publications to learn more. 


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