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About Us

siRNAgen uses a no-formulation conjugate micellar siRNA platform, SAMiRNA, to develop transformative therapies for chronic conditions.

siRNAgen Therapeutics, a platform products company, was founded in 2019 as a spinout from Bioneer, one of the world's major oligo manufacturers. The platform was developed based on 20 years of research by Bioneer's leading oligo researchers.

SAMiRNA simplifies siRNA therapies using modular chemistry and self-assembly to enable delivery to target tissues.

SAMiRNA platform enables the delivery of siRNA to organs that are difficult to reach, like the brain. The modular design of the double conjugate RNAi design offers significant versatility, covering a breadth of indication areas thanks to the tunable targetability and the flexible routes of administration.

Today, siRNAgen has cross-border operations in the US and Korea with a team of 26 employees, 40% of which are Ph.D.'s. The current platforms in development include SAMiRNA and CNS platform, and therapeutic areas are in inflammatory and CNS indications. Our lead asset, SRN-001, is in clinical phase for IPF.


Our dynamic team consists of 26 dedicated FTEs, with 40% holding Ph.D. credentials. Collectively, we contribute over 200 years of biotech experience, merging the expertise from both Korea and the US. Uniting global knowledge, we drive innovation in RNAi revolution.


Our advisory team each brings decades of experience, covering the entire span of RNA drug delivery and development history. With specialists in immunology, CNS, among others, they provide profound insights and unparalleled expertise, laying the foundation for informed decisions and driving us to the forefront of scientific advancement

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