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Han Oh Park

About / Team / Han Oh Park

Dr. Han Oh Park founded Bioneer, the first biotech in Korea, in 1992 and has since championed South Korea's biotechnological advancements for over three decades. Instrumental in shaping the nation's life science research infrastructure, Dr. Park's breakthroughs include developing semi-automatic molecular diagnostic systems, which was pivotal during the influenza outbreak in 2009 and COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 . He also spearheaded one of world's largest synthetic oligo production and supply system, enhancing South Korea's global biotech stature. A proud graduate of Seoul National University (B.S. in Chemistry), KAIST (MS, PhD in Chemistry), his distinguished career includes roles as Chairman of Bioneer, Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, and National Science and Technology Presidential Advisory Council. Celebrated for his excellence, he was awarded the prestigious 2023 POSCO Cheongam Technology Prize and continues to serve for over two decades as the Vice President of Korea Bio Association.

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