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Transforming patients' lives with curative, sustainable RNAi therapies

At siRNAgen Therapeutics, we're revolutionizing RNA therapeutics for immunology and CNS

About Us

Our mission is to develop therapies that target the root cause of debilitating inflammatory and brain conditions

At siRNAgen Therapeutics, we believe in a future where patients with immunology and CNS conditions can live healthier longer lives. Using a versatile double conjugate micellar RNAi platform called SAMiRNA, siRNAgen is developing an active pipeline of therapies

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siRNAgen's SAMiRNA platform offers several notable advantages over current therapies


RNAi works at the genetic level, potentially transforming treatment paradigms and patient lives, especially in indications with few therapeutic options. siRNAgen's supramolecular RNAi platform overcomes delivery, safety, efficacy, manufacturing, and stability issues with one molecule.

SAMiRNA makes RNAi versatile with micelle-forming conjugated RNAi. Other advantages include the following:

  • Allows for coverage of a wide range of indications due to flexible routes of administration

  • Eliminates toxicity even in natural RNA and improves safety compared to other nanoparticles or conjugates

  • Enhances cytoplasmic delivery, enabling efficient mRNA & protein knockdown

  • Slows metabolic clearance and improves stability, as shown by long serum circulation time and shelf stability

Visit our Platform page for more information on the science behind our technology.

Next-generation siRNA for CNS and Immunology

SAMiRNA platform solves the problem of delivery, harnessing the power of RNAi technology to target complex diseases at its genetic core.

The platform offers versatility and flexibility to cover a breadth of indication areas. siRNAgen's current pipeline includes immunology and CNS indications.

To learn more about our pipeline, visit our Program page.

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