The next generation RNAi therapeutics

SAMiRNA™ (Self-Assembled-Micelle iRNA) platform

SAMiRNA™ is made of DNA/RNA heteroduplex siRNA core with conjugated hydrophilic polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer and hydrophobic hydrocarbon tails at each end, which forms spontaneously a spherical and neutral nanoparticle in the aqueous solution.

SAMiRNA™ is stable in the blood stream and does not cause any accountable innate immune reaction with inflamed/cancerous tissue-specific permeability, by EPR (Enhanced Permeability & Retention) effect, passing through liver on our preclinical studies.

Structure of SAMiRNA™

Advantage of SAMiRNA™

SAMiRNA has 3 major advantages overcoming the hurdles of siRNA therapeutics in delivery, side effect, and manufacturing cost :

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