Collaborations & Partnerships

We are seeking for productive partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and academia that will advance the clinical development and commercialization of novel RNAi therapeutics using our proprietary SAMiRNA™ technology and/or programs.

Features of Partnership with siRNAgen Therapeutics Corporation RNAi therapeutics development:

Fully-integrated RNAi drug development processes to IND filing:

Benefits of Partnership with siRNAgen Therapeutics Corporation's SAMiRNA™ technology

  • SAMiRNA™ overcomes the unmet needs in RNAi therapeutics
  • ① 
    No innate immune stimulation and extremely lower toxicity.
  • ② 
    Delivery to various tissues of inflammation and/or neoplasia
  • ③ 
    One step solid-phase synthesis greatly reduces the cost of production/QC.
  • Faster track from discovery to IND
  • ① 
    Proprietary drug candidate design to discover the best drug among every candidates of target gene.
  • ② 
    High throughput candidate synthesis by proprietary mass oligo synthesis system.
  • ③ 
    High throughput screening by our automated system from RNA prep to quantitative RT-qPCR
  • ④ 
    Established Large scale synthesis
  • ⑤ 
    Established CMC can minimize the delivery time to IND filing
  • siRNAgen Therapeutics Corporation has strong patents portfolio of SAMiRNA™ without infringement
  • ① 
    Up to now, 90 patents of SAMiRNA™ has been registered or applied. Any SAMiRNA™ is protected by a portfolio of patents and patent applications
  • ② 
    The newly generated drug candidate will be protected not only by new patent but also SAMiRNA™ patents portfolio.
  • ③ 
    SAMiRNA™ has no infringement with other siRNA patents


Alliances & Collaborations:

We have two local CROs, which will conduct phase I study in Korea, and 2 global CROs, which will facilitate our IND submission especially in USA, apart from one global consulting firm in regard of RA strategies.

Upon completion of phase I study, we’ll engage in business alliance with one of top global pharms in order to develop further, which will decide the time schedules and scales of our clinical researches including orphan(IPF, RIPF) and breakthrough(ARDS, Systemic sclerosis) designations prioritization.

Since last year 2019, we have been engaged in BD talks with Merk, Lilly, J&J, and Pfizer and the responses have been very positive, commenting “we’ll be very interested if your further studies’d be meaningful” so far. The data we’d presented include confidential pre-clinical mice/monkey/human cell study on toxicology, stability, tissue-specific delivery, IPF, CKD and NASH.

lists of valued 3rd party relationships.

Non confidential data is available upon request.
We welcome all inquiries regarding partnership opportunities. Please contact us at