About Us

"transforming the lives of chronic patients with disease modifying & sustainable therapies"

siRNAgen Therapeutics is a seed stage RNAi platform technology company founded in 2019 with lead candidates in fibrosis and dermatology as well as an active and diverse pipeline in CNS, metabolic, inflammatory, infectious, and other indication areas.


Our SAMiRNA platform technology is based on over 20 years of oligonucleotide research from Bioneer, the first biotech company in South Korea.

Our Team


Han Oh Park

Founder & Chairman


30+ yr experience in biotech & Presidential Advisory Council for 3 presidents


June Park

Interim CEO

6+ yrs in biotech VC, startups, and commercial drug development

아바타 (96)

Jaemook Choi

R&D Director

27+ yr experience in preclinical and clinical drug development

SAMiRNA platform technology

  • Delivery beyond the liver to inflamed, adipogenic, neoplastic tissues in organs such as kidney,  lung, skin, brain via various RoA

  • Safe and efficacious based on human and animal studies

  • Room temperature stable up to 1-year

  • Environmentally & financially more sustainable manufacturing & QC

  • Strong IP (190+ patents and FTO completed in SAMiRNA platform)